Barr Introduces Term Limits Legislation

Sequestration Impasse Shows Measure Is “More Essential Than Ever,” Sixth District Lawmaker Says

February 25, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Andy Barr last week introduced House Joint Resolution 26; a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that would cap at 12 the number of consecutive years which members of the House and the Senate could serve in office.

The Amendment would limit House members to six consecutive two-year terms and Senators to two consecutive six-year terms.  These limits would apply prospectively, after two-thirds of the states have ratified the Amendment.

“During my first two months in Congress, I have seen why this Amendment is more essential than ever,” Congressman Barr said.  “Despite the polarized environment in Washington, my freshman colleagues and I were able to form a bipartisan working group committed to addressing Washington’s spending problem and achieving genuine reform.

“Our bipartisan working group swiftly agreed upon core principles, which we articulated in recent letters to President Obama and the House leadership.  I strongly believe this consensus was possible because each of us spent nearly all our time last year listening to people at home; not in Washington.”