2024 Community Project Funding Requests

NOTE: Projects are organized in alphabetical order by county location of project and then alphabetical by name of proposed recipient and then alphabetically by title of project name.

Bourbon County

  • Project name: Millersburg Road Elevated Water Tank
    • Recipient: Bourbon County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 301 West Main Street Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
    • Amount Requested: $5,000,000
    • Project Summary: This project includes the construction of a new elevated water storage tank at the proposed Bourbon County recreational park on Millersburg Road and its corresponding booster pump station and transmission main. As part of the transmission main portion of the project, an existing hydraulic bottleneck will be eliminated by upgrading a section of 8" water main along the Paris Bypass to 12". The project also includes a water line upgrade component increase the water main size beyond the park on Millersburg Rd to 8", which will improve service to Kentucky American Water Company and provide the opportunity for future interconnections with neighboring water systems in northern Bourbon County. The Millersburg Road area experiences periodic low water pressure due to undersized lines and lack of elevated storage in the area. In addition, there is planned industrial growth in the Millersburg Rd corridor and availability of improved drinking water supply will be beneficial to this growth.
  • Project name: City of Paris Meter and Service Replacement
    • Recipient: City of Paris
    • Address of Recipient: 525 High Street Paris, Kentucky 40361
    • Amount Requested: $430,000
    • Project Summary: The City is seeking to replace approximately 200 “halo” meters and service lines. This will involve the excavation and installation of new meter setters and service lines in various locations throughout the City of Paris Water System. This will involve the installation of new meter setters and new lines to the existing water main, which would include materials such as new setters, service lines, corp stops, boxes, lids, concrete, asphalt, etc. The cost of each replacement will slightly vary depending on its complexity, but a 2022 quote indicated the cost would be approximately $2421.00 each.  This is the final phase of a full meter change out program for the city. The City has spent approximately $2M on replacement of water meters throughout the system. The City issued a General Obligation Note to fund this portion of the project and this phase is nearing substantial completion. Relate State project profile: WX21017011. Through this upgrade, the City has been able to use the technology associated with the upgrade to better serve customers, track usage, and identify leaks in the system.  These meters are in some of the oldest portions of town and have a higher possibility that lead brackets, joints, or piping may have been used in the installation or repair of these lines over the years. The goal of the city is to replace these meters, setters, and service lines which will allow for a better service to our residents, but to also continue towards the initiative under the LCRR of reducing lead. Additionally, having accurate meters will assist with reducing water loss and ensuring the city is managing their water system as accurately as possible. This will allow for a more reliable and effective service to all our residents.
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Estill County

  • Project name: City of Irvine Sanitary Sewer Improvements
    • Recipient: Estill County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 130 Main Street Irvine, Kentucky 40336
    • Amount Requested: $1,410,800
    • Project Summary: This project will provide upgrades to three various locations of the existing collecting system. Location 1, Whispering Woods Sewer Upgrades, includes the elimination of a community 10,000 gallon septic system with a new 8-inch gravity sewer. The new gravity sewer will replace approximately 3,600 LF of small diameter gravity sewer (4" and 6") and 1,800 LF of deteriorating 8-inch sewer with new 8-inch PVC sewer. Existing septic tanks serve 52 residential and one commercial customer. Location 2, Sweet Lick Branch Sewer Replacement, includes the replacement of 8-inch clay tile sewer and brick manholes along the creek with new PVC sewer and precast manholes. The area sees heavy amounts of inflow and infiltration. Location 3, KY 52 Road bore, includes the installation of an 8-inch sewer line beneath KY 52 will eliminates 2,000 LF of small diameter sewer. The new bore reroute the flow and bypasses the need to be pumped upstream.
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  • Project name: Ravenna Stormwater Improvements
    • Recipient: City of Ravenna
    • Address of Recipient: 620 Main Street Ravenna, Kentucky 40472
    • Amount Requested: $2,160,391
    • Project Summary: The current placement of stormwater drainage pipes and inlets, as well as the deteriorated condition of the old clay tile storm sewers found throughout the city of Ravenna contributes to flooding issues Citywide. This project will provide the city with a more efficient rainwater/stormwater containment and drainage which will stop the heavy flooding issues they are currently experiencing. In a survey conducted by GRW engineers, at least 50 homeowners in Ravenna indicated that heavy rains lead to water infiltrating the interior of their homes, with enough frequency that it occurs multiple times a year. Ravenna recently completed Grant PDM2019-001, which was a planning grant provided by KYEM/FEMA. The City has a completed and stamped set of plans for construction of a totally overhauled drainage infrastructure system. If construction funding can be secured, the City is shovel-ready.
    • Letter

Fayette County

  • Project name: Legacy Business Park Infrastructure
    • Recipient: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
    • Address of Recipient: 200 East Main Street Lexington, Kentucky 40507
    • Amount Requested: $14,000,000
    • Project Summary: This Community Funding Request will provide for the accelerated completion of infrastructure improvements necessary for the sale and development of Legacy Business Park, which will create over 2,100 high quality jobs in Lexington, meet demands for developable industrial land in the region, and add significantly to the regional tax base. The engineering design, permitting, and development of infrastructure improvements to serve the 200 acre Legacy Business Park site will cost an estimated $23.5 million. Phase I of the project – the westernmost quarter of the site – has been funded through the Urban County Council’s allocation of $9.5 million. The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Industrial Authority must identify $14 million in funds to complete the project. Legacy Business Park meets the LFUCG’s economic development and land use goals, and provides high quality jobs in an underserved area of the City. If funding is not quickly allocated for infrastructure buildout of the Park, there may be significant delays in the completion of all phases of the project. This will lead to delays in creation of necessary jobs, as well as lagging site development and associated tax-base growth. The cost of labor and materials for construction projects is continuing to rise at a rapid rate. This funding request allows Legacy Business Park to be developed in a single phase and allow job creation to occur in a quicker fashion, potentially saving millions of dollars in increased phasing, design, and infrastructure costs, as well as the opportunity costs of delaying the project.
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Fleming County

  • Project name: Industrial Park Improvements
    • Recipient: Fleming County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 100 Court Square Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041
    • Amount Requested: $1,516,000
    • Project Summary: This project will help spur economic development within the region by developing newly acquired land into Industrial Park property. The Flemingsburg Fleming County Industrial Authority was formed by County and City government to develop and promote Industrial Property to attract new and expanding industry. Development of this property, known as Industrial Park 4, will provide ‘build ready’ acreage for industry looking to locate to the area. The City of Flemingsburg, Flemingsburg-Fleming County Industrial Authority, Fleming County Fiscal Court, Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo Trace Area Development District, and existing private industry, all support the project and recognize the potential of the project to aid in economic development of the area.
    • Letter

Jessamine County

  • Project name: Jessamine Co Jenette Industrial Park Phase 3 Site Improvements
    • Recipient: Jessamine County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 1010 North Main Street Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356
    • Amount Requested: $2,000,000
    • Project Summary: Jessamine County Joint Economic Development Authority (JCJEDA) is in the process of developing a new industrial park in the county for the first time in about 30 years. The proposed development plan for the park is three-phased. To date, JCJEDA has completed phase one acquisition and development and has acquired the land for phase two through only conventional financing, representing a major community-wide investment.  The state has launched an initiative in cooperation with local governments statewide in an effort to increase the inventory of available industrial sites and buildings for tier one and tier two projects in response to recent major announcements in Kentucky. The following agencies are working to support this effort- Jessamine County Fiscal Court, Jessamine County Joint Economic Development Authority, The City of Nicholasville, Bluegrass Area Development District, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, Kentucky Association for Economic Development.
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Madison County

  • Project name: Central Kentucky Regional Airport (KRGA) General Aviation Terminal Construction Project
    • Recipient: Eastern Kentucky University
    • Address of Recipient: 521 Lancaster Avenue Richmond, Kentucky 40475
    • Amount Requested: $3,500,000
    • Project Summary: The Central Kentucky Regional Airport, FAA Identifier RGA, is requesting 3.5 million dollars from the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies. Funds will be used for the capital construction of the general aviation terminal. A local match by Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) will be $1 million to complete the $4.5 million project. This is a 22% project match. In addition, an architecture firm has been procured and renderings of the facility are attached to this application. That makes this project shovel ready. Project costs will include the following: 1. Final Design 2. Site Preparation 3. Construction of Facility
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Montgomery County

  • Project name: Mount Sterling WTP Improvement Project
    • Recipient: City of Mount Sterling
    • Address of Recipient: 33 North Maysville Street Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353
    • Amount Requested: $4,000,000
    • Projoect Summary: Mount Sterling Water and Sewer (MSWS) operates a regional water treatment plant (WTP) that serves (directly and indirectly) approximately 16,800 households in Montgomery, Bath, and Powell Counties. MSWS produces water that serves over 900 businesses located in Montgomery County. MSWS provides water to other water systems, including: Bath County Water District, City of Jeffersonville, Judy Water Association, Levee Road Water Association, Montgomery County Water District #1, and Reid Village Water District. MSWS proposes to complete improvements to the existing WTP. Upgrades and rehabilitation will improve the treatment process. An expansion of the WTP will increase capacity from 4.3 million gallons per day (MGD) to 6.0 MGD because peak flows are at 3.744 MGD or 87% of capacity. The completion of the proposed project will improve reliability, consistency, capacity, and water quality through MSWS’s service area. Upgrades are needed to meet upcoming water quality regulations as well as meet the growing demand within the service area.
    • Letter
  • Project name: US 60 West Infrastructure Extension
    • Recipient: Montgomery County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 44 West Main Street Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353
    • Amount Requested: $5,150,000
    • Project Summary: Montgomery County Fiscal Court is seeking funding to extend sanitary sewer service along US 60 West (Reid Village) in Montgomery County. The proposed project will extend public sewer to approximately seven subdivisions, numerous commercial properties, and the Mount Sterling – Montgomery County airport. The proposed sewer infrastructure will be owned and operated by Mount Sterling Water and Sewer upon the project’s completion. The project will extend 6,200 linear feet of 10-inch gravity sewer, 17,400 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer, 4,900 linear feet of 4-inch force main, install approximately 82 manholes, and construct one 80 gallon per minute duplex lift station along US 60 West and the connecting streets and roadways.
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Nicholas County

  • Project name: Nicholas County EMS Building
    • Recipient: Nicholas County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 125 East Main Street Carlisle, Kentucky 40311
    • Amount Requested: $1,768,841
    • Project Summary: This funding will be used to construct a new facility to house Nicholas County EMS assets. This appropriation will cover the following construction costs: EMS facility, storm shelter, site development, and non-construction costs. The funding would be to finance the construction of a new EMS station to serve Nicholas and a portion of Robertson Counties. The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because it will allow Nicholas County to replace their EMS facility that was lost during a historic flood.
    • Letter

Powell County

  • Project name: Clay City Water Tank
    • Recipient: City of Clay City
    • Address of Recipient: 4651 Main Street Clay City, Kentucky 40312
    • Amount Requested: $1,000,000
    • Project Summary: The primary focus of this project is to develop an improved source of potable water storage in the project area. The existing storage facility has outlived its useful life. The existing tank has numerous problems and is in rapid decline. Operating a facility in such a state poses several risks to Clay City personnel and water customers according to a preliminary engineering study.
    • Letter
  • Project name: Stanton Water and Sewer Improvements
    • Recipient: City of Stanton
    • Address of Recipient: 98 Court Street Stanton, Kentucky 40380
    • Amount Requested: $2,250,000
    • Project Summary: The cost of treating storm water is excessive and there is a need to reduce the infiltration and inflow that plague the system. Similarly, the City is in serious need of upgrading its water system. The approach is a three-prong approach that includes the repair of 2 water tanks as well as fire hydrant replacement and the installation of radio read meters. These improvements will not only improve service delivery but allow the City to realize savings that will reduce the need to raise rates.
    • Letter

Scott County

  • Project name: Northern Scott County Sewer Improvements
    • Recipient: Scott County Fiscal Court
    • Address of Recipient: 101 East Main Street P.O. Box 973 Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
    • Amount Requested: $2,188,000
    • Project Summary: GMWSS assumed ownership of the Mallard Point and Sadieville sanitary sewer systems, that each included a package WWTP, in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Both systems were underfunded and struggling to maintain regulatory compliance. Flow from those systems was re-directed to regional GMWSS facility, WWTP No. 2, and the Package WWTPs were decommissioned. Currently, WWTP No. 2 serves 3,467 customers in northern Scott County including the City of Sadieville. Additional sanitary sewer capacity is needed within those original collection and conveyance systems in northern Scott County within the US-25 (Cincinnati Pike) corridor between Georgetown and Sadieville. This project is anticipated to include planning, design, environmental analysis/documentation, property acquisition, legal/admin, and other related services to facilitate potential new and/or parallel force mains and a combination of upgrades to existing pump stations, decommissioning of existing pump stations, and/or construction of regional, consolidated pump station facilities to convey flows associated with existing customers, regulatory, compliance, planned growth, and economic development opportunities over the next 20 years. Upon completion of design, permitting, securing of easements, and required funding, construction of the new and upgraded facilities can begin.
    • Letter
  • Project name: Design Phase - Northeast Rural/Urban Roadway Improvements Project
    • Recipient: City of Georgetown
    • Address of Recipient: 100 North Court Street Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
    • Amount Requested: $1,635,200
    • Project Summary: The project will address numerous infrastructure traffic and safety concerns where the highest concentration of commercial and industrial growth occurs; this CPF would provide a tremendous financial boost to residential, commercial, and industrial users by creating a more successful and livable community. Scott County has experienced tremendous growth since the arrival of TMMK in 1986. Scott County’s population has more than doubled, particularly in the northeastern section covered by the project scope. The most pressing issues include traffic congestion, insufficient roadway capacity, lack of mobility, limited accessibility, access corner clearance violations, sight distance restrictions, poor visibility, and poor access management. The ultimate goals for the redevelopments of the roadways are as follows: • Slow the degradation of the efficiency of the roadway • Facilitate thoughtful commercial development • Improve and protect scenic landscapes • Decrease cut-through traffic in residential areas due to congested arterials • Reduce effects on homes and businesses by widening roads • Decrease congestion, drive times, fuel consumption and vehicular emissions from numerous entrances and signals along major roads.
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