Presidential Greetings

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If you're a resident of Kentucky's 6th District and would like to receive a greeting from the President of the United States, below is a full listing of available greetings the Office of Presidential Correspondence provides:

  • 100th Birthday
  • Birthday (specify years)
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary (provide couple’s full names)
  • Wedding Anniversary (specify years)
  • Birth of Baby (full name of baby, parents, and date of birth)
  • Baby Welcome Letter (full name of baby, parents, and date of birth)
  • Adoption (full name of child and parents)
  • Graduation – High School
  • Graduation – High School+
  • Retirement (provide years)
  • Condolence (provide next of kin information and link to obituary)
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Eagle Scout Award
  • Religious Milestone (provide details about the milestone)
  • Photo

You may visit to input a presidential greeting request or fill out the form below. 

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