Washington, D.C.— U.S. Representative Andy Barr (KY-06) blasted House Democrats for passing a budget resolution paving the way for $68 trillion in federal spending over 10 years.  Representative Barr released the following statement after voting no on the House Democrats’ budget to bankrupt America:

“As if President Biden abandoning thousands of U.S. citizens behind enemy lines in Afghanistan wasn’t bad enough, House Democrats are moving forward with their budget to bankrupt America.

“This budget proposal puts America on track for an average deficit of $1.6 trillion a year and $17 trillion in new debt over ten years.  Astonishingly, the Democrat spending spree flatlines defense and security spending, even though we face historic national security crises in Afghanistan and at the southern border.  

“Instead of prioritizing the resources necessary to overcome these challenges, House Democrats convened today with one goal in mind: engineer a permanent socialist state through a massive expansion of government run healthcare, wasteful green energy subsidies and an unsustainable expansion of welfare programs that discourage work.  Incredibly, the same politicians who criticized tax cuts, which allowed Americans to keep more of their hard-earned income, because it supposedly added to the deficit are now supporting $17 trillion in new unfunded liabilities.  And that is after they reverse the tax cuts and impose the largest tax increase in American history!

“Moreover, Democrats are proposing to exacerbate the crisis at our southern border by granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, including the 1.3 million illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border in just the first seven months of the Biden Administration’s open border agenda, dishonoring all immigrants who came to this country the right way.

“Finally, the reckless spending proposed in this resolution will continue to fuel the inflation crisis which is diminishing the purchasing power and increasing the cost of living for every American family struggling to make ends meet.  I proudly voted no on this resolution to protect the hardworking Kentucky taxpayers I represent in Congress and I will continue to fight against this radical agenda in Washington.”