Washington, D.C.— Today, U.S. Congressman Andy Barr voted against the big government tax, borrow and spend Socialist bill.  Following his vote, Congressman Barr released this statement:

“Despite historic, out-of-control inflation and rising costs of living for Kentuckians, Democrats are charging ahead on their big government Socialist spending bill. 

“President Biden and top Administration officials insisted for months that their Socialist agenda would cost “zero dollars.”  However, the Congressional Budget Office confirmed that this was a lie.  Instead, the Democrats’ spending spree will add at least $367 billion to the almost $30 trillion debt. 

“While Democrats passed a crushing, $1.2 trillion tax hike on families, small businesses and job creators, their bill gifts a tax cut to the vast majority of high-income earners. This includes a tax cut averaging $17,000 for the top 66 percent of taxpayers earning over $1 million in income. 

“Additionally, the Socialist package is riddled with special interest giveaways.  One such handout is an electric vehicle (EV) tax credit that advantages automobile manufacturers in Michigan and Illinois but won’t be applicable to EVs made at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. 

“Finally, the Socialist package contains amnesty provisions for illegal immigrants, doubles the IRS budget to target Americans and creates a new carve out in the tax code for trial lawyers.  To protect hard working Kentuckians and stop this Socialist takeover of America, I voted no on this bill.”