On November 14, Congressman Andy Barr spoke on the House floor about the need to allow Americans who liked their health care plans to keep them.  Barr shared Melody's story about how she and her family lost their current healthcare policies and will now go without healthcare coverage because Obamacare.
Full Transcript:
Mr. Speaker, 
For the last four years, President Obama repeatedly promised the American people that, 'if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.'  But for Melody in Lexington, Kentucky, that's simply not true. 
Melody received a notice that her healthcare plan was no longer good enough under Obamacare.  And when Melody looked into options for new insurance, like so many other Americans, she found out that her family of three's insurance costs would go up by 250 percent and their deductible would increase by $2,000.
Melody told me, "We do not qualify for any premium assistance, even though we are a family of three living on a single income. We are more likely to go without healthcare coverage because our premiums are going to cost more per year than we would wind up spending on medical expenses without insurance."
Mr. Speaker, this is not about politics. 
This is about real people in our districts that are being harmed by Obamacare. The American people don't need apologies. They don't need temporary administrative waivers. 
They need permanent solutions that will protect hardworking Americans from the coverage cancellations, loss of access to doctors and premium spikes.
It's time for President Obama to keep his promise and allow Americans who liked their health care plans to keep them.