Serving the People of the Sixth District

As submitted to the Lexington Herald-Leader

July 18, 2014

The Herald-Leader’s distortion of my office spending is just the type of negative, political, business-as-usual attack by Washington Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama I am fighting to change.

I returned more than $50,000 to the Treasury from my office budget last year.  I spent $300,000 less on personnel than my predecessor; have fewer staff; pay $20,000 less in district office rent, and provide greater service, conducting outreach to constituents who say they have never before been asked for their suggestions, ideas and opinions.

We hold coffees, town halls, coalition meetings and conference calls with constituents; request input via questionnaires; provide legislative updates; and let constituents know how we can help them.  We've helped over 2,300 constituents fight federal bureaucracy in my first 18 months in office, ensuring veterans receive their benefits; helping seniors make sense of Medicare; and standing up to the IRS, EPA and USDA. All mailings are approved by a bipartisan Commission that prohibits campaign-style references.

I do not fly first class; brought my own healthcare to Washington; do not participate in taxpayer-funded health insurance; and introduced legislation to increase accountability and transparency in our government, including bills to cut compensation of Members of Congress who do not responsibly manage our nation’s finances; require Congress to live by laws it writes for the American people, including Obamacare; imposing term limits on Members of Congress; prohibiting Members of Congress from being paid if they don’t pass a budget.

I am proud of our accountability and service.