Barr Invites Constituents to U.S. Capitol Building

As White House Bars Visiting Citizens Due to President Obama’s Sequestration Policy, Congress Keeps the People’s House Open

March 7, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the White House announced yesterday that it has cancelled citizen tours due to the across-the-board spending cuts required by President Obama’s sequestration policy, Congressman Andy Barr issued a statement today inviting his constituents to visit the United States Capitol, which continues to welcome visitors for public tours.

“Although needed spending cuts will require federal agencies to achieve savings through prioritization and efficiency measures, I am confident that federal agencies do more with less, and continue to provide essential services for the American people.

“Accordingly, I applaud Speaker Boehner’s decision to keep the U.S. Capitol open for public tours, while applying an 8.2% reduction in congressional office budgets to comply with the requirements of sequestration.  Instead of cancelling White House tours, I urge the President to reduce unnecessary spending.”

Constituents planning a visit to Washington, D.C. are encouraged to call Congressman Barr’s office at 202-225-4706 or visit his website at to schedule a tour of the Capitol or request assistance with other aspects of their trip.