On December 4, 2014, Congressman Andy Barr lauded House passage of the ABLE Act.


Mr. Speaker,
As the cosponsor of the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, also known as the ABLE Act, I rise today to commend the House for yesterday passing this important piece of legislation that will help millions of Americans reach their full potential.
As a brother of physically disabled sister who has lived with the challenges associated with being physically handicapped – over a dozen surgeries, hip and knee replacements, walking with crutches or walkers, and sometimes reliant on a wheelchair – I know how difficult it can be for millions of Americans with disabilities and their families.

But I also know from my sister, who graduated from college, went on to seminary, married her college sweetheart, adopted a beautiful little girl, and now serves others as a priest in the Episcopal Church, that the challenges associated with being handicapped can be overcome.
The ABLE Act will help ease financial strains faced by millions of Americans with disabilities and their families and help them save for the future by creating tax-free savings accounts available to cover disability-related expenses.
This provides families with a severely disabled child some peace of mind by allowing them to save for their child’s long-term disability expenses.

We are better off as a nation when disabled Americans are given the tools like the ABLE Act to not only achieve self-sufficiency, but contribute and give back to our society.