Washington, D.C.— U.S. Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06) and all House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans are calling on President Biden to commit to continuing evacuation flights out of Kabul until all American citizens and all of our Afghan partners are safely out of the country.  Their call comes in the wake of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s refusal to make that commitment when asked three times at today’s White House briefing.

“For months, we have consistently urged President Biden and his administration to develop and implement a plan to evacuate our Afghan partners, to secure the U.S. embassy and keep Americans in the country safe, and to manage the impending humanitarian crisis.  He ignored us.  We are facing this shameful moment in our history because of President Biden’s failed leadership.  Full stop.  It is reprehensible that National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and President Joe Biden are now refusing – repeatedly – to commit to continuing the evacuation of American citizens and our Afghan partners until they are all safely out of the country.  We demand President Biden immediately and publicly commit to continuing evacuations for as long as it takes to get all Americans and Afghan allies to safety.  Refusing to do so will only serve to further damage U.S. credibility as a partner moving forward.”