Update on Syria

September 9, 2013

Many of you have been asking about my position on the use of military force in Syria.  In my September 1st e-newsletter, I shared my belief that the United States should not intervene in Syria unless and until the President articulates sufficient justification for military action and receives congressional approval. In the past week, the Obama Administration has continued to push its case through public statements and hearings on Capitol Hill and I have monitored these developments closely. However, I still do not believe that the President has met the threshold necessary to justify committing the United States to war in Syria. 

A vote on whether to authorize the use of military force is one of the most solemn votes a Member of Congress can take. In the coming week, I will return to Washington where I will have an opportunity to receive intelligence briefings and consult with my colleagues about the President's request for authorization of military intervention in Syria. I will continue to be guided by my belief that any use of military force must materially advance the national security of the United States, have a clear strategic objective, and have a clear strategy for victory. I will not support military intervention in Syria unless and until these criteria are met. 

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