Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee unanimously passed the Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act of 2020.  This bipartisan legislation lead by Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06) protects veterans applying for VA disability claims by restoring public access to disability benefits questionnaires (DBQs) on the VA website.  Veterans and their advocates use these forms to submit medical evidence in support of their disability claims.  The bill also requires the VA to accept a DBQ form for one year after it is completed regardless if the VA changes or updates its form.  Democrat Congresswoman Elaine Luria (VA-02), Chair of the Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee, co-led this legislation with Congressman Barr.

“Passing this legislation in the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee marks the first major step toward these critical reforms,” said Congressman Barr.  “The unanimous support from the Committee members highlights the need to immediately advance this common-sense legislation that protects our veterans through Congress.  No veteran should have their claim denied or delayed because they lack access to DBQ’s or because the VA changed their DBQ forms without the veteran’s knowledge.”

Congressman Barr and Congresswoman Luria recently questioned VA officials about the Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act at a House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearing on July 23.  You can view that clip by clicking here.