Washington, D.C. – Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06) released the following statement regarding the importance of integrity and fairness in the electoral process:

“The integrity of our elections should be of utmost importance to all Americans. We must ensure that all legal votes are counted and that any reports of irregularities are fully investigated.  The mainstream media does not decide when an election is over.  Tens of thousands of military, overseas, absentee and provisional ballots have not yet been counted, recounts in various states have not yet been conducted, state and federal claims challenging the conduct of the election and the legitimacy of certain ballots have not yet been adjudicated and final outcomes have not yet been certified.

After that process is exhausted, a winner can be declared.  In the meantime, both campaigns have the right to challenge any ballots they believe were illegally cast or improperly counted, and present evidence in support or in opposition to those claims.  The American people deserve to have confidence in the outcome of the election, and no matter who ultimately prevails, by prematurely declaring a winner, many in the media have given Americans reason to question the legitimacy, fairness and transparency of the election.”