WASHINGTON - Congressman Andy Barr joined a bipartisan group of 13 Republican and 13 Democratic Members of Congress to help introduce H.R. 2084, the Partnership to Build America Act.  This bipartisan legislation, introduced by Congressman John Delaney (MD-6), provides for a new and innovative tool to upgrade America’s aging infrastructure with no additional burden to American taxpayers.

“Congressman Delaney’s bipartisan Partnership to Build America Act is an innovative proposal to upgrade America’s infrastructure with no additional burden to the taxpayer, no increase in the national debt, and no appropriated funds," said Congressman Barr.  "The American people sent us to Congress to work together and find solutions and I am pleased to reach across the aisle to join Congressman Delaney in developing and advancing this innovative infrastructure bill.  At no cost to the taxpayer, this bipartisan legislation would bring back American money currently trapped overseas to be invested in America, helping finance state and local infrastructure projects, creating jobs for Kentucky families, and boosting our economic growth.”

H.R. 2084 would authorize the repatriation of private funds trapped overseas to create an infrastructure fund that would help finance the improvement of roads, bridges, and other projects in both rural and urban America.

“The Partnership to Build America Act creates a large-scale investment in U.S. infrastructure, puts Americans back to work, and improves our business climate for decades to come,” said Congressman Delaney.  “All at zero cost to the taxpayer.  Congressman Barr and I reached across the aisle to work together on this legislation, because we know that on the big issues, there’s more agreement than disagreement.  We have a huge need for infrastructure investment and we need to find common ground in Washington.  I’m very pleased to work with Congressman Barr on this legislation and I appreciate the valuable additions he made to the bill.”