Washington – Today, Congressman Andy Barr released the following statement upon passage of H.R. 3, the “Northern Route Approval Act.”  Barr was a cosponsor of this legislation that approves the Keystone pipeline to help create jobs and bolster America’s energy security.

“Today, I voted to take the decision to approve the Keystone Pipeline out of the hands of President Obama and allow Congress to approve the project because higher energy costs are hurting America’s competitiveness, small businesses, and ultimately Kentucky’s hardworking families,” said Congressman Andy Barr.  “Constructing the Keystone Pipeline will put thousands of Americans to work while reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.  More domestic energy here at home will help Central and Eastern Kentucky families by providing them with relief at the pump and more affordable groceries and utilities —ultimately helping them take better care of their families.”


The Keystone pipeline – and the 465,000* American jobs that come with it – has been delayed for more than four years and reports suggest it could languish for several more months.**   Even with presidential approval, the pipeline would continue to be tied up in red tape and legal challenges.  The Northern Route Approval Act would remove these impediments that are blocking construction of the project and move America forward toward greater North American energy independence.

*Media Advisory - TransCanada Releases Detailed Keystone XL Job Creation Data, 1/10/12.

**The Hill, Keystone XL pipeline developer fears White House decision is ‘many months’ away, 4/9/13.