WASHINGTON – Congressman Andy Barr released the following statement following President Obama’s State of the Union Address: 

The President's address was a missed opportunity.  One of the central messages from the last election was that people are tired of the President’s obsession with dividing Americans. They deserve leadership that will unite the country to solve big problems. They deserve a President who will do more than just give lip service to national unity but actually work with Congress to enact pro-growth policies that will produce jobs, opportunity, and a healthy economy for all Americans. 

Instead, the President doubled down on the same divisive policies of higher taxes to pay for bigger government, bypassing Congress through unilateral executive orders and costly regulations, and issuing veto threats to bipartisan jobs bills.

This Congress has and will continue to pass legislation with proven bipartisan support.  I hope the President will abandon his divisive agenda and work with us, not against us, to put America on a better, more prosperous path.