The Election Power Grab Act features proposals to make permanent mail-in balloting with zero oversight, taxpayer funding of political campaigns, same day voter registration without citizenship verification, among other egregious measures.

Washington, D.C.– U.S. Representative Andy Barr (KY-06) voted against and denounced House Democrats’ H.R. 1, the Election Power Grab Act.  This legislation exacerbates the mail-in voting fiasco from the 2020 elections by allowing voters to mail-in votes up to ten days after an election or to request a mail-in ballot without any reason.  The legislation also implements taxpayer financing of political campaigns as well as same day voter registration without citizenship verification.  Following the vote on this partisan and divisive legislation, Representative Barr released this statement:

“House Democrats want to normalize and legalize the uncertainty, chaos and irregularities surrounding mail-in voting in the 2020 elections centralizing the conduct of elections in Washington, D.C., commandeering states to expand mail-in voting without safeguards to ensure integrity of ballots, legalizing ballot harvesting, and overturning voter ID laws.  If they succeed, the American people can forget about knowing the results of a race on election night.  Instead, this bill makes it more likely voters will have to wait weeks or months after the Election to know the official outcome. 

“If a typical Election season wasn’t enough politicking for Kentuckians, then just wait until campaign mailers, television ads and robocalls are all funded with federal subsidies.  Under this legislation, taxpayer funds will also be used to pay for luxurious campaign spending on fancy cars, offices and padding the pockets of political consultants.

“Simply put, this is an Election reform bill to benefit the D.C. swamp, not to address legitimate concerns Kentuckians have with the Election system.  If House Democrats were serious about Election reform, they would embrace the Save Democracy Act that I am leading in Congress to implement basic standards of integrity in our elections.” 

Representative Barr is cosponsoring the Save Democracy Act to restore confidence in elections throughout the United States.  This legislation protects the integrity of our elections by:

  • Requiring any person casting a vote either in person or by mail in a Federal Election to provide a valid ID before voting.
  • Requiring anyone registering to vote to provide proof of citizenship and a valid, full social security number. 
  • Prevents states from sending out unrequested absentee ballots to voters for federal elections.
  • Requires states to receive all absentee ballots by the close of election day for all federal elections.
  • Requires an audit of all voter tabulation systems within the 30-day period following a federal election.

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