WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Today I voted against HR 986 - the misnamed, Protecting Americans with Pre-existing Conditions Act which would actually limit health care choices and state innovation which has led to lower premiums, including for those with pre-existing conditions.  HR 986 revokes the Trump Administration’s guidance on the issuance of state innovation waivers, thus eliminating healthcare choices for states that have proven to be successful in lowering premiums- including for those with pre-existing conditions.  Even further, this legislation fails to improve access or delivery of care and does not address the underlying issue—that Obamacare is not working for millions of Americans. 

“Republicans are dedicated to enacting healthcare solutions that will decrease costs, increase access, and protect individuals with pre-existing conditions.  This Congress alone, I voted twice in support of considering legislation that guarantees no American can be denied coverage or charged higher premiums as the result of a previous illness or health status, ensuring affordable coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.  The Democrats’ so-called “Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act” is just a façade for what they truly want – Medicare for All – which, is really Medicare for None, would cost taxpayers more than $30 trillion and would eliminate coverage for 158 million Americans. I simply cannot support legislation that would harm Americans’ access to care and is window dressing for the left’s continued lurch toward socialism.”

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