WASHINGTON - Congressman Andy Barr released the following statement regarding today’s passage of H.R. 2218, The Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act of 2013:

“Affordable and reliable energy is critical for a growing economy. That’s why today, the House passed a bill I helped introduce that would protect Kentuckians from expensive new EPA regulations that threaten to drive up energy costs for consumers and families, and destroy jobs.

“H.R. 2218 will bring much-needed regulatory certainty to job creators by blocking the EPA from mindlessly classifying coal ash as hazardous waste, which would put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk and drive up electricity and construction costs.

“Kentucky’s job-creating signature industries benefit from the many uses of coal ash.  It keeps electricity costs low for Kentucky families, provides low-cost durable constriction materials, and reduces the amount of waste going into surface impoundments and landfills.” 

Barr is an original cosponsor of H.R. 2218.  It was the second bill Barr signed onto as an original cosponsor when he was sworn in in January because it protects both the environment and the beneficial uses of coal ash.

Coal ash is commonly recycled to make cement, drywall, asphalt, and bricks.  It is also processed to make plastics lighter and stronger and as filler in wood products. In fact, coal ash was even used to make the concrete in the EPA’s headquarters.