Barr Pledges Support for “No Budget, No Pay” Proposal

Calls on the Senate to do its job and pass a budget before any long-term debt limit increase is enacted

January 22, 2013


Congressman Andy Barr today announced his support for the House Republican plan to require members of the House and Senate to pass a budget as a condition of receiving their salaries:

“One of my first observations as a new Member of Congress is how many self-styled ‘representatives of the people’ don’t actually believe the rules of everyday life apply to them,” said Barr.  “Kentucky’s hardworking families and businesses have to live within a budget, yet the United States Senate hasn’t passed a budget in nearly four years.

“Given the government’s spending addiction and our ever-increasing national debt, Members of Congress should not get paid if they fail to fulfill the most basic responsibility of governing.  Congress should produce a credible plan to address the nation’s spending crisis before passing any long-term increase in the debt limit.”