Thank you for taking my e-survey and for sharing your views with me.  President Biden's radical, left-wing, socialist agenda continues in Washington with the latest $3.5 trillion spending package Democrats are currently devising. 

  • I am fighting to maintain the Trump-era tax cuts I voted for that propelled our economy to the best jobs’ numbers in history and rising wages for the middle-class.  These tax cuts doubled the standard deduction, expanded the child tax credit, and delivered a $2,051 tax cut for the average family of four in Kentucky’s Sixth District.
  • Meanwhile, President Biden and radical Democrats are looking to reinstate the state and local tax deduction, which disproportionately advantages wealthy earners in blue states. 
  • I voted against House Democrats' budget resolution in August to pave the way for this massive tax increase and $68 trillion of federal spending over the next ten years.  You can read my full statement on that vote here