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Congressman Andy Barr

Representing All the People of Kentucky's Sixth District

Live by the Laws You Write Act

Dear Congressman Barr:

I also believe it is wrong for the people who wrote Obamcare to exempt themselves from it.

I appreciate you taking on a stand on this important issue by introducing H.R. 2010, the Live by the Laws You Write Act, to close the congressional loophole and ensure that Congress and its staff are not exempt from the laws that it writes.

While full repeal of Obamacare remains the only solution for this flawed law, we can at least make sure that the people who wrote Obamacare don’t get away with special treatment.  They should be affected by this bill just the same as the rest of us!

Please sign me on as a Citizen Cosponsor of your legislation and keep me up to date on the status of this important piece of legislation!


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