Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Andy Barr (KY-06) released the following statement after President Joe Biden announced the U.S. would be rejoining the Paris Climate Accords:

“Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords is a gift to the Chinese Communist Party. While America takes drastic steps towards surrendering its own energy independence, the CCP, India and other nations will continue to pollute at will,” said Representative Barr. “This self-sabotage of our energy production will jeopardize our economic recovery and national security. Americans saw last year the consequences of outsourcing production of critical pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Now, the Administration wants to add energy to that list.

“If the Biden Administration undermines energy production in the United States, middle-class families in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and across the United States will see their energy prices skyrocket. During a time of economic uncertainty, there is simply no justification for this sacrifice,” Barr concluded.

Analysis by the Heritage Foundation indicates that the Paris Climate Accords could lead to upwards of a 20% increase in household electricity expenses for Americans. The plan could also crush the average family of four, costing an average of $20,000 in economic loss and gross domestic product (GDP) loss of over $2.5 trillion by 2035. Meanwhile, the CCP, which controls the second largest economy in the world, can raise carbon emissions until 2030 under the plan. Additionally, the CCP only pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060, a full decade later than all other major economies.