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Congressman Andy Barr

Representing All the People of Kentucky's Sixth District

Immigration Survey

Dear Friend, 

It is difficult to dispute that our current immigration system is broken and in need of reform. With more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the United States, the current state of affairs amounts to de facto amnesty, which actually encourages illegal immigration. The bottom line is that despite years of discussion, the federal government still has failed to adequately secure our borders or enforce existing laws governing immigration and naturalization. This is not only an immigration issue; it is a threat to our national security as well.

While the Senate has voted to increase border security and protection, I am still concerned the bill’s reforms may not go far enough. I strongly believe that any effort to fix our deficient immigration system must first start by securing our borders and enhancing interior enforcement to permanently stop the flow of illegal border crossings. Without these necessary reforms, any new immigration legislation would be ineffective and we would soon find ourselves once again with millions of undocumented immigrants flowing into our country with no fear of consequences. 

As part of my accessibility initiative, I would appreciate your thoughts about this important issue:

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